Mom's Drug Of Choice

Coffee. I always feel a nagging sensation of "something is not right" if I don't have it, much like if you forget to take your meds, the synapses aren't all firing kinda thing. I have come up with a lovely creation in my quest for cold coffee on these hot days. It doesn't hurt there is ice cream in it. Coffee ice cream, of course. Trader Joe's makes an incredible Coffee Bean Blast ice cream that is killer. I scoop about a cup (plus more for immediate consumption ;) into a blender and then add about 1 cup of milk. I had almond milk on hand. Use whatever floats your boat. After that, sprinkle one of those Starbucks Via Instant Mocha packs (the big ones) and whir the whole bit of loveliness together until thick and creamy. Drink up. I will tell you after getting up at 5, laundry, dogs to vet and dog park, 2 kids fed, garden veggies picked, garden tended, dishes done, chicken coop cleaned out, sewing projects, grocery store, bank, vacuum, and all the other stuff moms do every day, this drink was the ticket to wake me up. In fact, so much that I can see myself having another by day's end!


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