Oh The Places You Will Go

The places I love to go always involve food. And more food. And some food after that. Throw in an independent art shop, coffeehouse and a 2nd hand shop or two, well all is good in my world. I was out and about today rustling up some chicken grain at my favorite homestead store when I decided to pop into a couple little places I enjoy. We live near a cute neighborhood known as Sellwood where a lot of my little haunts live so I frequent the area often. I stopped into Ugly Mug Coffeehouse where some, but not all, of their mugs are indeed ugly. Their coffee on the other hand, is not. Will loves their chocolate bread as well. I love to take a few minutes and jot some writing down when I'm there. Now the whole thing with the Lavender Chocolate Milk. Not a big fan but please let it be known I was creating lavender infused chocolate ganache cakes long before it was popular. I have proof in the photo I posted below. Just had to throw it out there, for what's worth which really isn't much. I'm reminded how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful state.


  1. Hi Jessica - sorry to leave you a note here, but didn't know how else to reach you. I'm one of the editors on BLUNTmoms and we're trying to get in contact with you about a post you submitted to us. Can you send us an email at editor (at) bluntmoms.com? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I sent you my contact info.
      Thanks again for reaching out.


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