When Did My Kids Get Old?

I drug/bribed the kids to go with me to a junk fair called Plucky Maidens. Cutest show ever and well known throughout the Portland area for thrifting gals. You have to 5 pay bucks to get in which is the pits but once you cross the threshold into paradise I would liken the experience to arriving at mecca. Let me just say there are way too many talented women in the world. Sheesh - enough already. I tried to go in with focus as I was looking for a few specific items. Vintage books, silver type crap and fabric. The only male in the entire show was with ME. A 10 year old boy, mind you. Needless to say he was less than thrilled to be stuck looking at linen tableclothes. WITH HIS MOTHER! Thankfully enough the fair was located right next to an old time amusement park which has been a landmark in the Portland area for years. Located right on the river the park boasts an original carousel, roller skating rink, rides and a train. In other words a kid's paradise. So...my kids...I thought for sure I hit a home run as far as bribery was concerned because hell, we were RIGHT NEXT TO A FLIPPIN AMUSEMENT PARK, complete with Curly Fries! So, in a rare moment of generosity I offered to let the kids ride some of the funsies after we looked at the vintage sale. "No thanks Mom. We are OK." WHAT??? Are you kidding me? When did my kids turn like all old and stuff? I tried a different approach. "Well, how about some ice cream?" Will says, "We have vanilla ice cream at home and that's my favorite so save your money, Mom." Since when did you get frugal and adult like? I'm supposed to be the one talking that kind of smack, not them. Basically what it came down to was me insisting my kids get swirly soft serve ice cream, because dang it we were gonna have fun and make a memory. Plus I needed a photo to post on Facebook to prove I was a fun loving mom who didn't drag her kids around to antique shows and call it a "play day" I know you are jealous of my maturity level. Jaimey finally conceded, "OK, mom but only if you get some too." The taste of victory (and ice cream) is so sweet.


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