Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

So they could come to our house of course! The other day I was telling someone about our menagerie of animals and I was told that I was the "Angelina Jolie of pet adoption." Not sure about that BUT I am happy to say the latest addition of pets have arrived in the form of four chicken pullets (teenagers). They are settling in well but have needed help getting in and out of 'bed' Their coop is still a bit of a mystery to them. Yesterday we headed down to my homesteading guru friend (Steph)to pick up the girls. What fun to explore their lovely farm, meet their darling heifer cows (who one day I hope to enjoy their butter) and cuddle the goats. Jaimey asked me why she didn't get to grow up like them and promptly informed me she will one day have her own farm. I told her I would live vicariously through her and could I please visit often. Admittedly she is a farm girl at heart and I love that about her. I only pray her dream of farm life and self sufficiency one day becomes a reality. Lucky is like a nervous new dad, taking special precaution to the coop and the girl's safety. I'm fluttering about like a nervous mom, checking on them throughout the night and day. At first, when we started discussing the possibility of raising chickens back last winter, Will shared his hesitation and concern over having them from fear of getting attacked. Well, as of yesterday it is a whole different story. Will has been basically camping out in the chicken run, petting the hens and has named one "Ruffly Bum". Whatever it takes to get him off computer games, I'm all for it! Our girls won't start laying until long about September. Right now I am enjoying the Animal channel in our own back yard. Fitting since we discontinued cable :)


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