Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Text Messaging Gone Bad

Don't you guys absolutely love auto correct? I swear that 'feature' has gotten me in more trouble than I care to admit. My phone has the most uncanny ability to change something so entirely innocent into something so very wrong. I have sent some doozies in my day but a few stand out more than others. Me: Can you stop and pick up some prostitute? Response: Please tell me you mean prosciutto OR.. Me: Love you dead friend Response: Last I checked I was still alive but love you too. How about? Me: Hi, this is Jesus. Hope you are having a great day. Response: Thank you Jesus. Or maybe? Me: I'm taking Jaimey in for a meth placement test Response: I think you mean math or is there something I should know? And my personal favorite... Me: Can you get a shitter for the evening? Response: Not sure about a shitter but I can definitely get a sitter. Damn you auto correct!

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  1. Ha!! That is awesome - I get a lot of 'ducks' in my texts...


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