Word Play

As a mom I am always trying to think up ways to earn extra money. Since every job I had working for an employer has failed miserably and often resulted in threats of a lawsuit (from them, not me :)I often try to think of ideas that I can do on my own. My favorite part was coming up with names for my 'companies' and yes, I write this in plural since there have been many. Now, don't be a hater and scam my business names here because you never know, I may decide to revive them one day. In other words, never. By the way, all of these business attempts completely tanked. Do not try these at home. 1) "Pillow Talk" - This was my name I gave my custom (and I use the word 'custom' extremely lightly) pillow making business. Because if you like lumpy pillows made from from 'salvaged' fabric then I'm your gal. 2) "Sign Language" - I was (and still am, my backyard looks like a flippin' scrabble game gone to hell) a lover of words painted on signs. The more rustic, the better. Why not earn a little cash with my stenciling prowess? 3) "Cakewalk" - For my cake baking business named after my fondness for childhood cakewalks. That business went down the drain shortly after a bride's top tier of her wedding cake blew to shit. In my defense, the wedding was outside, in August, with a serious hot wind. You can't argue with nature, bridezilla. 4) "From Our Table To Yours" - No, I wasn't trying to sell my dinner leftovers. Instead it was a personal homemade dinner delivery business. All was going pretty well until one of our clients decided to solicit my business partner with something other than potatoes au gratin. 5) "HerbiWhores" - C'Mon is that cute or what? What could be better than growing a bunch of herbs and selling them at the farmers market as fresh cut bouquets? We even had a little teaser idea, "Buy our herbs, get a free hoe." The market wasn't exactly thrilled with our choice of word play.


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  2. Love, love, love it! Remember when you came up with "Chicks with Sticks" for the name of our little knitting group that met at Ike Box after we dropped the kids off at school? Best knitting group name EVER!

  3. Love it! You have quite an imagination and good ideas :)


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