Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You Know You Are In Your 40's When....

As a mom and (ahem) 'lady' in her 40's I can write this because I have done and/or experienced all of these. Please tell me I'm not alone... You know you are in your 40's when: 1) You involuntarily pee your pants. Anywhere and anytime. 2) You drive 45 in the fast lane 3) Your kids ask what those funny lines are around your eyes 4) Your son asks if you had running water when you were little 5) You forget to shave both armpits when you go in for mammograms or both legs when wearing shorts 6) Your boobs hang like sausages 7) AARP magazines start arriving in the mail 8) You use the phrase "When I was your age" a lot more frequently 9) You start thinking up cute baby names....for future grandchildren 10) 8 pm sounds really late 11) Getting your party on really means reading past your bedtime 12) You arrive at a restaurant for dinner. At 5 pm. 13) "Add a shot" means espresso, not tequila 14) You wear pajamas when you drop your kids off to school 15) 80's cover bands are sounding better and better 16) Daily naps are becoming the norm 17) You are looking for a second, third or 4th career 18) You have friends that were born the year you graduated high school 19) Your advance directive is signed, sealed and delivered 20) You have been invited as a 'special guest' to tour the new assisted living facility for memory loss patients

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