Thelma and Louise

Some of us have been blessed with the gift of having a faithful friend. I am grateful to have one. My sistah from another mistah has been putting up with my bull crap for the better part of 12 years. We have seen a lot together, we have experienced significant pain and gone through some real trials of faith. Her consistency in remaining my friend through thick and thin has not gone unnoticed. She stood up for me when others chose not to, she shut people up when gossip seemed to prevail, we dug 200 lbs of potatoes together and she let me hug on her goats. We pulled way too many bathroom pranks at work, she let me go through her cupboards for snacks and she would even have my kids over for play dates and overnight visits. She became auntie. We had our babies 3 months apart and one time she paid my electricity bill when I lost a job several years back. She even drove my brother and dad back to their hotel having just met them. That's the thing. She always gives, no matter what. If I listed the ways she has spoken into the lives of people around her, it would blow your flippin' mind. Anyway, we finally caught up over coffee yesterday after several months and picked up right where we left off. Friends like that are hard to come by but man, am I ever thankful for her. I only hope I can give back after all she has given me. I'm not sure which one is Thelma and which one is Louise, but it really doesn't matter. We both have the other's back.


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