Welcoming Fall One Cliche At A Time

You know fall is coming around the corner when everyone starts talking spiced lattes, corn husk wreaths, scented candles, pumpkin carving version 2.0, apple butter,  50 kwatrillion ways to wrap a scarf, pumpkin patch family photos, decorated mantels, hay rides, soups, breads, boots and cozy sweaters.  It's all the stuff we as earthlings love.  It has become ritualistic, traditional and yes, that horribly abused word that makes editors shudder, cliche.

Even if it is, so be it.  Bring it on.  Let me enjoy it, one cliche at a time....

So, in honor of all things Fall I feel it is my obligation to share a bit of what I am doing to welcome this lovely little season that passes oh so quickly.

First off, I have resurrected my most favorite Hunter boots.  This will be my footwear of choice until next May.  Sad?  Perhaps. I don't care.  I do everything in them and would wear them in the house like slippers if they weren't covered in chicken poop and garden crap.

Next, I have a new to me wrap around sweater that I have worn consistently for the past 3 days.  This is my official walking my son to school garb.  I am going to be wearing it so often that fellow parents may start offering me looks of sympathy and question if there is anything else in my wardrobe.  I have already warned my son.    

What is Autumn without a healthy stack of books?  Seriously, the bigger the stack, the better.  Like pancakes.

Today I am making homemade minestrone soup with some late summer veggies and beans.  I cooked my beans from scratch.  Why, you ask?  I don't know, blame it on Pinterest.  I made this recipe up which means it is extremely easy, emphasis on the easy.  The key is adding fresh pesto I am making today from the garden.  Don't be jealous. This is my one day event, please don't assume this is an every day occurrence.

Have you heard the good news?  Call the Midwife Season 3 is out on Netflix.  Guess what I'm gonna be 
doing while my soup simmers? Working out eating cookies.

And of course, you can't forget cuddling up with these bad boys....after I'm done working out eating cookies.


  1. Love this one baby. Cuddling is good. Bring on fall.

  2. Just consider me one big fall 'cliche' too!! I'm a fall groupie and if it was performing on stage I would throw my undies at it. Too much? ;-)


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