What Downton Abbey, Seinfeld And Tattoos All Have In Common....

This morning went to shit.  In a hurry.  I swear, calling your kids off from school, gathering the homework and dropping off the assignments that are due is so much harder than just sending them.

Were it not for the smokin' hot fever my daughter came down with, I would have sent her to school.  One was down for the count.  At least the other kid was going.  That is until he bent over to tie his shoes and the dog gave him an upper cut to the jaw that would have made a trainer proud.  Blood spewed, screams were loud enough to wake the neighbors, tears poured and his lip looked like a Botox treatment gone bad.  It was one of those mornings that make you want to cry, "Uncle" and start over.

Which is exactly what I did. We cleaned up the crime scene and I sent my son promptly back to bed.

Then I got to thinking.  Since my daughter is home sick, we can hang out and do cool stuff together while my son sleeps.  Some good ol' mother/daughter bonding time.

Like getting tattoos.  Yeah, that's it!  Not just any tattoos, mind you.  Mother /Daughter matching tattoos. So what if she is a mere 12 years old.  It's a memory maker!

When we get back from the Lazy Squirrel Tattoo Parlor we can have a Downton Abbey marathon!  I'm behind 2 seasons so there is a lot of catching up to do. I'm sure my daughter has been missing it as well....

We will make Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake cookies in between episodes.  We can eat the entire batch before they even cool to hide the evidence.

Next up? A a dance off with some 'Elaine' moves by yours truly!

I was sure a combo pack like this was going to make it difficult for my girl to want to go back to school but I decided to take my chances.... 

My 'mature' 7th grade daughter was less than impressed with my attempts to play hookey. Instead, she reminded me that even though she was sick, she still had responsibilities to her school work.  Unless I wanted to do Spanish flash cards with her, my plans were pretty much a hell to the no.

I'm beginning to question who exactly is the parent and who is the child around here. 

Although I can pretty much own a dance off all by myself....who needs maturity anyway?


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