You Aren't Worthy Enough To Use My Bathroom

Lately contractors have been out here doing some pre winter projects, AKA removing dry rot. It's been awesome. The nice thing is, the guys are so tidy they even clean up the messes I make, which is saying a lot. These are the guys that also found the infamous baby squirrels. Who, by the way, are thriving and have been named "Dixie" and "Talullah". Anyway, I made pleasantries with them, offered assistance if they needed it, you know the typical small talk BS. I was upstairs cleaning when I heard the bathroom door close. Normally in a family of 6 this is not uncommon, except that particular day I was the only one home. Creepy, to say the least. I stood and listened, wondering if I could use my vacuum hose as a weapon, when I heard a man's voice in the living room. Holy crap. I immediately wondered why the heck the dogs weren't reacting. Gee guys, thanks a lot for having my back after the thousands we have spent on you. I raced downstairs to discover one of the contractors letting himself out our front door. Apparently they had taken my offer of assistance literally by letting themselves in unannounced and using our bathroom. By biggest concern was I wished I could have checked the toilet first to make sure the kids had flushed before leaving for school. I caught myself laughing over it. I actually felt OK that the guys saw our home as welcoming enough that they could come in and use the john without asking. I guess they also felt OK using our kitchen, which was interesting. I can't help but wonder if they are glad they aren't the crew at the next house over. Rather than letting the contractors use their bathroom, the owners had an outhouse delivered instead. Classy.


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