Apple Pear Galette

I had to say goodbye to a faithful friend today.  Sadly, it was our last farmer's market for the season.  By the time the last one arrives, I am bringing fall on full throttle.  I have become officially 'autumnized.'  I give in to the pumpkin propaganda, the cinnamon, and everything remotely related to the changing of the season.

It truly was one of those breathtaking seasonal days.  One where you can smell the scent of apples in the air as the changing light dapples through the brightly colored leaves.  A little breeze coming off the lake.  Hot coffee and still warm powdered sugar donuts.  Fresh linens on the bed, a new book and contented chickens. My kind of Saturday.

It stirs a need up in me.

The need to bake.

And not just any random cookie, either.  No, it's time to get some pie crust rolling kind of baking goin on. So it begins as I gather my latest fruit purchase to salute the newly arrived season.  Today I'm using cascade pears and fuji apples. I'm peeling and slicing, seasoning them with dark brown sugar, cinnamon and wildflower honey to taste.  Then I'm adding 3 Tbsp of flour for thickener.  After that, I'm dumping the entire glorious mess into a all butter pastry dough, folding the sides around the fruit and baking it at 375 until nice and golden brown and the gorgeous juice peeks out underneath the crust.

I love to serve it kinda warm and if I have vanilla ice cream on hand, then all the better.  The pears and the apples do something.  I call it magical.  Something meant to be.  I admit, it is a go to dessert for me because it is so easy and it makes the house smell really good.

Which is really great when you have 3 dogs, kids and chickens.  I need all the good smelling stuff I can get. Yet another reason to love fall.


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