It's Only Tuesday

Hello my sweets...

Well, it's only Tuesday and I already have a litany of dumb ass moves I've made this week.  So without further ado....

1) I got a speeding ticket yesterday for doing 43 in a 25.  Totally non impressive except for the 320.00 fine. This pull over by the cop was most unusual and yet completely fitting for someone like me.  In my defense however, I am contesting it because truly the signage about the speed limit was completely inexcusable and yes, I retraced my drive to check!

Sir Cop A Lot was hiding in the bushes with his little taser/gun thingy.  To give you an idea of just how slow I was going he calmly walked out IN FRONT of my vehicle and waved me down.  Being the responsible citizen I am, I kept going because I thought he was simply directing traffic.

Guess what?  It didn't go over very well and he proceeded to point and gesture and get all up in my grill.  He should know better than to mess with this crazy mom though.  I mean, really.  The last thing I need is attempt to elude a police officer on my already impressive rap sheet. Was he THAT desperate to meet his quota?

2)  All this flippin time I thought I was using chia seeds in smoothies, oatmeal, cookies and the like.  Well, turns the out poppy seeds are right next to the chia seeds in the bulk section.  They totally look alike, I swear it!  I am a walking failed drug test.

3)  Who knew a pair of underwear would get stuck in a pair of my jeans in the dryer?  Worse?  I didn't notice when I put them on.  Imagine my surprise when my black polka dot undies fell out while wearing said jeans.  At the bank...

4) Don't even get me started on all mismatched food storage containers.  Whoever is responsible, I will hunt that person down.  Unfortunately I think it's me.

How is your week so far?


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