The Time I Caught A Car Thief

I suppose it only seems right, in light of my recent failed moment blog postings, to share with you yet another little tale about the time I caught the lady trying to steal my car at the grocery store.

I know!  Crazy, right?  How often do you catch a thief right in the act?

Now I realize there are a lot of Subarus in the world, however not many that are the same make, model and color as mine.

I finished my shopping, stopping for obligatory Starbucks on the way out and noticed a woman at my car peering into MY windows.  "Oh no she didn't", I thought to myself.

I ran over as she continued to peruse my vehicle OBVIOUSLY looking for means to get in, an unlocked door, open sun roof, whatever.  The point being I was full witness to a B and E right before my eyes.

  People really should know not to mess with me when provoked.  I swear I get a cat fight face on and I'm ready to throw down.

I confronted her and demanded to know what the hell she was doing with my car..

She told me with a little giggle that she was just waiting for her husband to come out so he could help her finish loading the car with items for the food bank.

Uh huh. A likely story.

I stood there as she popped open my trunk and greeted her husband as he wheeled out a huge cart stocked with bread.

I could not believe I was witnessing such a blatant act of theft.  I felt so violated, so used.  Here I was, standing at my car, while they pretended it was theirs.  I was curious how they planned to make their getaway seeing as I had my keys.

The guy proceeded to take out a set of keys and give me a little 'see ya' wave. How on earth did he find my second set of keys?  They were at home!

It was only then I noticed the car's interior looked different.

Oh crap.

This was not my car.

I turned around only to see my actual car in the next parking spot.

I began to stammer out one apology after another and thanked them for all the work they were doing for the food bank. Blah, blah, blah....

Rather than continuing to make lame excuses, I simply handed her my groceries without another word and  walked away.

  This time, to the correct vehicle. Let's hope so, anyway.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I swear to GAWD!: I would not have been able to scrape myself up off the asphalt if I was with you, because I would be laughing so hard. Not at your pain and embarrassment, mind you, but because I would've been so relieved that I didn't do that instead!!


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