Thanksgiving Recap

Now that Thanksgiving is past, how about a little reflection on the day?  Any artery clogging foods that stood out among the rest?  How about some juicy family drama, obscenities shouted from the drunk 2nd cousin or better yet, flipping the bird 'the bird' because it couldn't fit in the oven?  Of course, I don't know anything about any of this.  I was simply giving examples.....

I have to say we got through with minimal damage, thanks to some pretty awesome people.  Oh sure, there was my step daughter's boyfriend that felt 'awkward' by all the threats the Irish uncles were making to him but whatevs. Gotta protect your own, right?  I think he felt nervous when the uncles requested a meeting with him downstairs.

In the basement.

Where the tools are kept.

The boyfriend, I noticed, made a quick exit and refused pie.

We had a crazy good mashed potato casserole that was chock full of all the things your vegan yoga instructor would frown at. My father would describe this dish as, 'orgasmic' and yes, he really uses this word when describing good food.  At any rate, I had 3 helpings.

My mother in law made this ahhhmaaaazzzzing turkey that even this bacon eating vegetarian ate.  This is a woman that could write her own memoir since she raised boys in Germany, bootlegged liquor and cigarettes into Berlin so she could feed her sons and then landed in Louisana where everyone teased the boys for their German accents and sketchy English.  Talk about a strong woman - love her. Apparently my daughter loves her just as much AND her turkey.  I found her wandering the house at midnight gnawing on a huge turkey leg.  So primal and yet she pulled it off like a boss.

I personally love it when talk turns political especially between lefty liberals and strict conservatives, As the voices escalated around the table, I took that as my cue to blast the Christmas music and serve pie with a vat of whipped cream.  I think it was the whipped cream that helped to alleviate the tension because soon after, board games emerged and a lively match of Mancala ensued.  Crisis averted.

Everyone left by 5 pm  so by 6 pm  I was eating leftovers and subsequently made myself ill in a "I'm not coming out of the bathroom for a very long time, I wish I had a book' type sick.

The dogs only ate PART of the appetizer tray we had prepared so it was easy to rearrange and serve it like nothing unusual had occurred.

Rather than finishing the evening with Christmas movies, we watched Netflix documentaries instead.

A classic way to celebrate and be thankful (or maybe a little guilty) we didn't have to do what they did in the documentaries. *shoves more pie in mouth*


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