That Time I Ate A Pot Brownie

I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you about the time I ate a pot brownie.  

I was in 4th grade.

I had a good friend who was a year ahead of me that lived around the corner.  We went to different schools but we visited often and became close friends.  Occasionally we would go to events with each other's families and on this particular day she came with my family and myself to a party my parents were attending.

We were the only kids there so we were especially glad to have each other to hang out with and we were even more excited to see all the brownies displayed.  Now let's remember we were in the ripe, fruitful age we know as the 70's and a lot of things we consider taboo now, were a freakin free for all back then.

After we ate my friend and I helped ourselves to dessert without asking.  We saw 2 huge pans full of decadent fudgy brownies.  There was no stopping us as we took gigantic squares and inhaled them. (no pun intended) 

What happened next remains fuzzy but word on the street is my friend and I were discovered on the back lawn wrestling like bear cubs to the tunes of The Doobie Brothers, laughing hysterically and unable to stand upright.  This went on for quite some time which eventually caused the adults to come out and see what the fuss was all about.

Apparently the party host starting putting two and two together when he noticed huge pieces of brownies missing from the pan.  See, there were two pans of brownies.  One filled with home grown marijuana and the others, sans weed.  Of course we had taken from the pan filled with hooch not realizing there was a difference, resulting in our getting stoned in the back yard.

My mom was furious that the host of the party chose to serve hash brownies at a family event.  Of course the host argued that we should have asked before helping ourselves and this wasn't a family event.  It was a party for adults.

My folks waited to leave until we 'came down' as they didn't want to deliver my friend back to her house, stoned.

The funny thing is I only found this out a few years ago while reminiscing the "Remember whens?" 

All I know is they were the best dang brownies I ever ate.  


  1. Wow!!! Reminds of an episode of That 70's show when the parents accidentally ate pot brownies. You might be able to find a clip, it was hilarious! I also almost ate some at a party my aunt was having, in the 70's as well. Again, very similar, it was an adult party with me and one other little girl, as matter of fact, I was also in 4th grade. We went in the kitchen and grabbed a brownie and I heard my aunt scream noooo, I wondered what was wrong, and she said that those were the "adult" brownies, the other pan was for me and my friend. I figured it all out a bit latter in the evening. :D


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