I love how one of my fave authors, Addie Zierman, does this cool monthly post about the different things she is currently into.  Music, books, projects, you name it.  They always inspire me so I'm blatantly copying Addie's idea and doing the same thing.  The only thing different about my list? You won't be inspired, that I can promise you.

Now that the holidays are upon us I've been getting a ton of crap done.  In between my coffeehouse jaunts and library visits my life is pretty much out of control. I'm kidding no I'm not.

Some positives in my life include the fact we hosted Thanksgiving and I didn't lose my crap over it. Normally I get freaked out about the whole entertaining gig but this year I have to say, I handled it like a boss and only swore like once  50 times.

I am interviewing for a job on Friday.  There are tons of applicants so I'm telling myself that "I'm glad to at least have the opportunity to interview."  Oh who am I kidding, I'm going to slump in a corner and have an ugly cry when they give the job to someone else.

I'm making essentially nothing.  Crafting you ask?  In my dreams.  Frankly I'm tired of being a revolving Pinterest fail.

I am battling a bitch of a writer's block.  I have 4 tabs open on my computer with 4 different essays in the works.  It sucks. All I want is to at least finish one.  Just one.  If this continues I may need to exercise in order to clear my mind.  Yeah, right.

I'm listening to an obscene amount of classic Christmas music, some group called Fall Out Boy (compliments of my daughter) and Ed Sheeran's album, X.

I'm watching Charlie Brown's Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Christmas in Connecticut,  White Christmas, Elf, Deck the Halls and The Purge - Anarchy (don't ask)

I'm reading holiday classic  Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn. I'm not sure what happened to Gillian to make her write the kind of stories she does, but bless her anyway.  I'm also reading Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and any meme I can skim through at an alarming rate of speed. To balance it out I'm  reading "The Accident", by Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Elie Wiesel.  I figure I have to make up for Sharp Objects and social media memes somehow.

Tune in next week for another edition of  "Uninspired".  This is one area of my life that provides plenty of material to write about.


  1. Fav Christmas movies--Ernest and Lampoons, Serenity is kind of a tradition too, don't know why. Fav songs Favorite Christmas Story by Capital Lights and Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg. This was our first Thanksgiving doing it all. The mantle is beginning to be passed. You and your family have a blessed holiday season.


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