Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Need Your Advice


I need your advice.

Given my ADD nature if you read my blog you know that I'm all over the place with topics.  It's just kinda how I roll yet it can start becoming like a pin ball machine.  

On any given day you may find me waxing on about my parenting foibles and failures.

Another day you may see me attempt to post a recipe, which typically, bombs.  Let's just say my readership plummets so I guess I should take that as my hint.

Some days I get sarcastic in my quest for humor.  Everything I write is true life experiences so I'm pretty transparent in terms of making fun of myself.    

So, in an effort to make my content 'return reader friendly' I'm looking to you, my few but faithful readers.

Is there content you would like to see on my humble blog?  Are there areas of life I have touched on that you would care to see more of?  Do you have thoughts on what you like to read on blogs?  Are there topics you wish you saw more on in the blogosphere?

I know I need a makeover.  My blog does as well so I'm looking to up the ante so to speak with a fresh look.  Baby steps though.  Technology and me are mortal enemies.

Yes, I know I need a refresher course in Grammar 101.

Give me your feedback.  I'll try not to take it personal.  One thing remains.  I love, love writing and without it I would be a lost cause.  Writing centers me, it's my jam.  So even if no one ever reads my pitiful little memoir I will continue to write for the sheer joy of it.

Plus, I value my sanity.

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