My Trash May End Up In Your Can

I'll be the first to admit that I have a life long issue of paying utility bills on time.  I blame it on my creative spirit.  

Or something like that.

Between trying to decide what sweater to knit for my chickens or which cake to make, my life is pretty much a whirlwind of craziness. Friends, my struggle is real.


At any rate, as luck would have it, I once again neglected to pay the garbage resulting in a suspension of service.

This is bad, especially since we have kids and dogs and gross crap like that.

Since this isn't the first time my little faux pas has occurred I have devised a strategy to get me through until the following garbage day pick up.

It involves very late nights or very early mornings.  Both work for me.

Just call me The Pied Piper of trash.

I make my way down our neighborhood back alley ways, carrying my trash bag much like Santa would with his toy bag.  I carefully scope out and check to find the least filled can.  I quietly....VERY quietly (this is key since our neighborhood houses lots of dogs), put my trash bag in theirs.

I realize I have no morals left since I am actually using someone else to pay my garbage bill.  It doesn't get much classier than that.

If it helps any, I don't use the same trash can twice.  I keep it distributed fairly.

Just be glad you don't live near me, otherwise your can could be next.


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