New Years Eve Sucks

I don't know about you but every New Years Eve proves to be a little lamer than the previous.  Although, last year was an exception because I welcomed 2014 in a drunken thong of Scots over in Edinburgh but aside from that...

This year we played it mellow, no plans but definitely planned on doing something that would make Lucky and I feel less than our 40 something ages.

What resulted was the 2 of us with head colds, eating spicy Thai food to clear our sinuses and watching circa 1995 Netflix movies.

Champagne?  Oh heck no.  Throat Coat tea for this rebellious folk.

I also made homemade cold tonics.  Poor Lucky was my guinea pig, agreeing (mwhahaha) to my natural remedies of apple cider vinegar shots, coconut oil cough syrup and handcrafted mentholatum.

Needless to say it worked for crap so Dayquil made it's grand entrance.

You know we weren't feeling good when we didn't even feel good enough to go out for breakfast.  This is big and a sure sign of being under the weather.

Nevertheless we got our Denzel Washington on in form of the movies, 'Flight' and 'The Equalizer' because nothing says "feel better" than Denzel killing off the bad guys.

I can already tell this is gonna be one heck of a year.....


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