Yoga Pants Vs Skinny Jeans

Perhaps some of you have heard about the controversial article author Veronica Partridge wrote regarding the wearing of yoga pants in public?

Turns out her husband has an issue with it.  I guess he got fed up with men staring at his wife and women in general.  As a result he asked his wife to fold up the pants and not wear them in public settings

What is the world coming to?

I appreciate the fact Veronica shared her heart and was trying to share her convictions.  After all, that's the beauty of blogging and freedom of speech.  It look a lot of vulnerability to let it hit social media.

She has agreed with her husband's wishes and has chosen to leave the yoga pants at home.

Hell, if we actually did yoga in yoga pants rather than just talking about yoga pants, we would be in fantastic shape.

The whole article gave me pause.

First of all, why do women have to take on the responsibility to curb lustful thoughts in men?  Since when did we have to take on yet ANOTHER job?  In addition to everything else are we now responsible for guarding the hearts of men we don't even flipping know ?

I get that yoga pants can enhance women's features. I've seen men visually harass women who wear them .  Heck I've actually had it out with a guy that giraffe necked a women's back end in front of me at the store.  Truly, it was disgusting and I called him out on it.  He could have cared less.

Nevertheless, if we are questioning yoga pants, what's next?  Why aren't skinny jeans (which clearly the author was wearing,) and jeggings not in the running?  There's more padding in skinny jeans you say?  Now it's semantics.

What about tank tops that reveal the shoulder?  Are those going to be frowned upon as well?

Then I started wondering.  If a woman has lovely, long, gorgeous hair, does she start wearing it in a bun?  Does she no longer wear a bathing suit or shorts that would expose her legs?  Uh oh, what about skirts that come to the knee?

I'm all about modesty don't get me wrong but I think it should go for the dudes too.  Hey, if we are calling it out, may as well include the guys wearing stupid tight t-shirts, no t-shirts or whatever it is that turn women on these days.

In a way I felt Veronica's husband was insulting her intelligence by requesting she save her yoga pant wearing for inside the walls of their home.  It seemed he was basically saying. "I know better than you."

Granted, some wearers of the yoga pants definitely take it too far.  They know they look good and they want people to enjoy the view as well.  Maybe it's a self esteem builder, maybe they want to show off their hard earned toned butt, who knows.  

Nevertheless, men can still choose.  They can choose to ignore both the sugar mama AND her booty.  I'm sorry but I'm sick of this whole poor man syndrome.  

"Men can't help it, it's how they are wired" 

"Men are visually stimulated." 

 "As women we need to recognize their struggle by eliminating stumbling blocks."

Excuse me while I vomit.

Again, I have to hand it to Veronica.  It took some serious bravery to let that out the bag, knowing the scathing comments she was going to get.

I don't envy her.

Now excuse me while I go put my yoga pants on.


  1. I am visually wired and I love staring at beautiful women. But that doesn't mean I am going to be obnoxious about it. Nor does it mean that I can't control myself.

    It is silly for people to suggest otherwise.

  2. I am generally pretty modest in my dress. But this is a bunch of hooey. I hate the faulty logic that makes women responsible for lustful thoughts and actions. Boo, Veronica.

  3. *insert standing ovation from me here*

  4. You know those TV show/movie scenarios where a highly successful businessman is hindering, in some other character's opinion, the advancement of some oh so important movement so they decide to sent in a "distraction" to lay in wait for him at the super expensive super classy hotel bar so she can bat her eyelashes at him and then lead him by the nose to her room to change his mind? Yeah, that! It pisses me off so much. To imply that some man, who is CEO of some huge corporation is going to change his mind on something he is so passionate about because some sleezy broad batted her eys with the promise of spreading her legs just infuriates me!!! It is so insulting to men and to women. Yeah, a lot of men are jerks, so are a lot of women. Women love to bash each other. She put herself out there knowing it would be a very controversial subject matter and I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is her and her husband thinking that ALL men are at a woman's booty mercy. PUHLEESE!!!


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