You Can Check Out Any Time You Like....

Most of you know how much I talk about my mom in my writing.  She provides a lot of fodder, giving me the inspiration I need.

I always say if anyone tries to wrong my mother they will need to come through me first.  The offender will not survive.  

The End.

My mom is often taken advantage of due to her good will and intention.  She is the first to help someone in need, even when it isn't budget friendly.

Imagine my anger to discover she is, once again,  a victim of a heinous crime.

Newspaper delivery, people.  It's real.

The local paper won't stop delivering their sorry excuse for a paper to her house.

My mom has been complaining for weeks and weeks now.  She told me she stopped her newspaper delivery service.  Now that she is living in reality with her computer and all, she wanted to discontinue it.

She has called the newspaper, I kid you not, ELEVEN times to stop service.  They give her the lip jack yet continue delivering AND BILLING her.  

The last call involved threats.  She told them she was going to take her complaint to the media, which I find ironic since the newspaper is considered media.

Then she upped the ante by telling them her 'daughter will take it to the social media and if that happens, all hell is gonna break loose."

Now I appreciate my mother in that she believes whatever I have to say, brings immediate action.  I'm content to just let her keep believing that urban legend.

Yet, I am defending my mom's cause.  Because that's what daughters do.

I told her to start collecting all the papers so that I could personally deliver them back to the newspaper,  ceremoniously dumping them on their front door step.

My mother likens the experience to the song, "Hotel California", by The Eagles.

She crooned the lyrics to me over the phone in her angst ridden state, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

So, because I told my mom I would, I'm spreading the news.  Never subscribe to The Statesman Journal newspaper from Salem, Oregon.

Not only is it a shitty paper, they are taking advantage of my 67 year old mom.

That alone is cause for the middle finger right to the front page of that sorry ass paper.

Love you Mom! 


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