Saturday, February 14, 2015

Advice From The Dalai Mama

I have some words of wisdom to impart this fine day.

If you have no choice choose to have home renovations done, move out.

We are officially living in squalor.  Everyone from the mailman to the kid's friends gets an extensive explanation by yours truly, followed by an apology as to why our home and yard has turned into a hovel.

Yes, I admit it.  I'm really embarrassed.

Every time a project starts, it gets interrupted by yet another project, revealed as a result of starting the first project.  Confused?  Join the club.

Just to give you an idea, we had 6 roofers come and give estimates.  All but one even bothered to give a bid.   Well there was another one but he got kicked off the property.  For reals.

 The rest?  "It's too hard and OSHA will fine our asses."  Apparently given the severity and roof lines of this so called house we live in (yes, built in 1900) all roofers need to be tied off per OSHA standards while on top of our house.

Meanwhile...we wait and the bill continues to grow...

Right now condo living is sounding pretty awesome, preferably on the beach.

Although our next door neighbors house is looking rather appealing right now and I hear they are going on vacation....I think I'll offer to 'house sit' while they are gone.

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