Why I Boycott The Superbowl

If you want to get me fired up, start talking to me about professional sports, specifically football.  Professional football can suck it.

It absolutely infuriates me that America embraces Superbowl Sunday like a holiday.  It's one of the many times I feel embarrassed to be an American.

Leave it to our nation to idolize a sport where it's players earn enough money to make a serious dent in hunger and poverty here and abroad.

It's a gladiator mentality and we are the mob, frantically screaming our team to victory.

We embrace and encourage gluttony and excessive boozing,  while yelling at the big screen every time a play doesn't go the way we want it to.

Brawling between players?  Grow up.  Word has it they are supposed to be role models. 

I know I used to watch the festivities specifically for the commercials and granted some of them are fun.  However, can't we put aside our trashy American love affair for Bud Light and at least feature an organic IPA brew instead?

Ahhh yes, of course.  Not enough money to buy that kind of air time.    

Hey, I have an idea.  How about this year the players agree to donate their paycheck from the Superbowl to charity? 

 How about toning it down a little when our brothers and sisters here and abroad are suffering under horrific tyranny and poverty?

  Are we really going to sit here and brag about our wealth and abundance in the name of sports, yet ignore causes around us?

Of course the minute I heard Missy Elliot showed up on the half time show, guess who was You Tubing her performance while eating one of those bacon wrapped smokie things?

Guilty as charged.



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