Monday, May 11, 2015

Death To The Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

This year is pivotal.

My kids have officially grown out of the PB & J sandwich for school lunch.  

I'm not sure whether to mourn or dance with joy over this transformation in their picky palates.

Two years ago I counted up (I know, creepy) how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I made for my kid's school lunches.  

I counted 200.  

200 flippin' sandwiches.  Oh sure, there was some change up in flavors of jelly don't get me wrong, but the main ingredients stayed true.

Anyway, it happened out of the blue at the beginning of the year but I felt scared to voice it out loud for fear of jinxing myself.

I felt it was perfect timing.  I was always a little frightened of being THAT mom who sent a nut based, allergen laden sandwich into a class of students where the potential for a deathly reaction could occur. I wasn't aware of any allergy sufferers but I felt the possibility could present itself, thanks to me.

So the latest?

The wrap.

Oh my, how progressive.

Seems my kids have a thing for wraps now.  The whole wrap sensation began on a morning I ran out of bread and only had tortillas on hand.  Cringing, I used them and spread peanut butter and jelly (duh) inside and rolled it up like a burrito.  Then, because I was feeling all fancy while trying to convince my children I was sending them a delicacy, I went on to put colorful toothpicks in the above mentioned wraps to hold the darn things together.

Not only did they NOT complain, they complimented them.  So, I got a little adventurous.  What if, just what if, I tried another (gasp) sandwich filling.  Say, turkey or ham for example.

Baby steps here.

Surprise, surprise.  They loved it.  From there it became my building block.  Now they even get cheese and veggies inside their wraps.  How crazy is that? Sometimes I even sneak in a little dijon mustard.  What the what? 

However, now that we are nearing the end of yet another tumultuous school year I imagine their lunches will be heading into a downward spiral.  Think overripe bananas, stale hot dog buns and the old string cheese found at the back of the fridge.  

For now, since I'm on a path of recreating the traditional school lunch I'm preparing my eulogy for the next evil monsters who shall soon meet their demise.  

Granola bars and yogurt tubes, you've been warned.  Prepare to die.   

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