Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Spot A Kid From The Pacific Northwest

My kids are both born and raised Oregonians.  Not only were they born in the Willamette Valley, they have spent 11 and 13 years in our beautiful state.  Really, where else can you have the beach, the lakes, the cities AND the mountains all within a few hours?  Kids raised in the Pacific Northwest truly have many advantages.  One of the main things I notice is they seem to appreciate a lifestyle that embraces healthier living, social awareness and natural beauty.

Usually I can spot a kid raised in the Northwest and this is why...

They laugh at the idea of owning an umbrella.

They choose locally owned coffee houses vs Starbucks

They see Voodoo donuts for the tourist trap it really is

They are already choosing which tattoo they want to get

They know their way around REI

They are liberal Democrats

Powell's bookstore is a favorite hang out

 They own a pair (or two) of Keen sandals

They can recycle like a boss

Food carts and farmers markets are considered hang outs

They use the hashtag #lovewins

They are seasoned hikers

They were weaned on caffeine

They prefer bicycles over cars

Rain boots are considered a fashion statement

It's funny when I talk to my kids about what they hope to do in the future.  Both like the idea of attending the University of Oregon and my son hopes to become a fruit farmer with a side dish of cartoon animation.  
My daughter is leaning towards the arts, photography holds great interest for her. I admit, I hope those dreams come to fruition.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to do my part by exposing them to the beauty and uniqueness of our state.  I consider it self preservation so they don't move away from me when I'm old.  I'm gonna need them to sort my recyclables, bring me locally roasted coffee, drive me to the farmers market and help me shop for new rain boots.


  1. They sound wonderful, your kids. Fruit farmer, what a delightful career to have :)

    And I hope I get to visit this wonderful state of yours someday!


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