What I'm Into - July Edition

This stinks.  School starts in a month here in Oregon and while I should be grateful since that means the kids go back to school, I'm getting into a groove by enjoying a more relaxed schedule with them.  At any rate, I bit the bullet and printed off the school supply lists.  I want to make sure I have my second mortgage in place before I start shopping.  For reals though, it seems to get bigger with each passing year.  

So a few things that I'm into this month that I'll pass along.  Obviously lots of iced coffee so I drag the kids along under the guise of a 'field trip' to check out some latest coffee purveyors in the city.  Most recent score is Ava's Roasteria.  They make their mochas by melting chocolate chips in hot espresso before adding their milk.  Talk about a game changer.  Woo Wee.


While we're on the subject of coffee this little gem has become my favorite afternoon pick me up.  I buy mine by the quart at New Seasons and dole it out for the week.  Seriously good stuff.


I'm cramming in as many books as I can between my writing and classes but here are my latest faves.  Now, these have a bit more of an edge to them in terms of suspense and mature themes but I literally read two of them in 3 days.

Canadian author, Chevy Stevens is one of my favorite authors and I stalk her on Facebook so I can know when her latest book is coming out.  Again, this has some trigger warnings with abuse so I always like potential readers to know first.  This was my stay up way too late, regret in the morning book.

Malled by Caitlin Kelly

I heard of this book from a fellow writing acquaintance and so I had to check it out.  Malled details 2 years of the author's life working for a retail outfit (North Face) in the mall.  It's one of those books that reminds the reader how it's virtually impossible to live on a minimum wage job.


I'm dating myself here but I went back to the good ol year of 1986 when this gem of a movie released, Stand By Me.  Its streaming on Netflix and I adore this film.  It's a coming of age classic about four boys heading out to find a dead body and the lessons they learn along the way. I always cry when I watch it.
Stand By Me 1986 American Theatrical Release Poster.jpg

The Good Lie
I watched this film a few nights ago and at first wanted to turn it off but Lucky encouraged me otherwise and I'm really glad I listened.  This is a story about The Lost Boys Of Sudan and their trek of over 700 miles to a refugee camp in Kenya.  From there 4 boys and their sister waited 13 years for the opportunity to immigrate to America and they finally got the chance.  Reese Witherspoon plays their job placement counselor and she does a phenomenal job, as usual.  Such an amazing film, I highly recommend it.  There is so much woven into the movie so trust me when I say it's really worth watching. 


To the disgust of my kids, I choose one album and play the everlasting crap out of it, over and over again.  It's just how I operate.  Right now it's Mumford and Sons, Wilder Mind..  Their new album is killer good and I've been known to embarrass my kids while driving in the car because apparently I find it necessary to sing along to every song.

Just a little side note.  All the books, music and movies I have listed have all come from the library.  Here's my plug...support your local library!


Oh goody.  Here comes the fun part where I get to talk about myself and what I've been up to.  Gee, aren't you excited?

I've been doing a lot of writing and getting some articles published.  I find myself eternally grateful to the publications that have actually paid me.  Right now I'm finishing up a tourist guide for people visiting Portland and this will go into a travel and leisure magazine. Next on the list is an article about blended families and how using the term 'blended' is the worst way to describe smashing two families together.

I'm taking a women's health class to finish a last few credits I'm missing and I'm pretty much done looking at diseased women's parts.  Although, the class is extremely interesting and delves into the barriers women face just because they are women. 


Excuse me but the word is a bit foreign to me.  However, we are trying to change that for August.  On a whim I booked a vacation house over at Eagle Crest Resort (near the town of Bend, Oregon) for our crew and needless to say we are beyond thrilled at the idea of floating the river and hanging out at the pool.  In my enthusiasm I failed to read the fine print so imagine my surprise when I looked at the checking account the next morning. Yeah, apparently they charge you BEFORE you get there, not after.  Woops.  Serves me right.   

I would love to hear what you guys are up to so fill me in!

Happy July


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