Fall Into Fall

One morning I woke up and it seemed the season had changed as I slept.  My kids looked older, the leaves had a new hue of color and the feeling of change hung heavy in the air.  Fall is my favorite season and this year I'm beckoning it sooner than usual.  

We ended summer vacation with a delightful trip to Sunriver, where surprisingly everything went smoothly. It was an amazing respite and the perfect way to say adios to the heat.  Crisp mornings, mild days, hot coffee, bike rides and outdoor grilling completed our 4 days and it was pure joy.

We had one day of rain and my inner fall goddess made her startling debut.  Out came recipes for soup, bread, chicken pot pie and pumpkin muffins.  I took no greater joy or comfort in the simmering of fall goodness on the stove and decorating of my front porch in anticipation of our new season.

Mom was able to make a visit and the kids and I used up every last bit of energy she had.  Let's just say she has been missed since being in California for 6 months.
I count it all joy that my daughter has such a lovely grandma..
In other news, we have a broody hen meaning the hopeful hatching of chicks in a few weeks.  She is so devoted to her nest that I have to move her off of it so she will take a break to eat.  She deserves Mom of the year, I'm thinking.  Stay tuned as this story develops.  I'm nervous about the chicks and they aren't even hatched yet.

Rainy day pot pie with homemade biscuits.  Even my kids ate it.
Truly, there is something so beautiful about fresh root vegetables.  Talk about welcoming fall.  Tri colored carrots and yukon gold potatoes from the farmers market plus sage and rosemary from my little pathetic herb garden, made for a nice combo.
Can you believe this is Oregon?  Central Oregon, that is.  Unending beauty, big sky and gorgeous outcroppings of good ol rock.  I couldn't take in enough of it's beauty.
Welcome to Lava Land, which holds it's own beauty and geological history.  Definitely something to appreciate due to it's unique landscape and design.  I adored it.
Lucky and I enjoyed an amazing first anniversary dinner at the lovely, Tucci's.  Fresh Italian food and even better company.

Another one of my fall outbursts came in the form of bread.  Even though we aren't Jewish I make Challah on the regular.  Pretty incredible served with Bonne Maman preserves.

As we transition into a new season I hope we can all stop in the busyness of and embrace the beauty of fall.  Simmer something delightful on the stove, read a book or light a candle.  Anything that gives pause so we don't miss out.


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