The Last Hurrah

We have decided to bid farewell to summer with a bang.  For every vacation we book, we generally cancel two. Our intentions are good but our strategic planning tends to fall through.  We make grand plans for epic family getaways, only to have work, schedule and finances dictate otherwise.  You know how it goes.

A few months ago I booked a vacation home in Central Oregon.  We had visions of  resort style living for 4 glorious days.  I booked river floats, horseback riding trips and chose a home close to the beautiful infinity pool.  Deposit was down.  We were in.

Not so fast, mister.

I had a weird itch in my head, something felt amiss about our reservation.  
In a rare moment of lucidness, I contacted the resort only to be told they never booked our pets and therefore had no homes left that were pet friendly.  Their apologies.

Buh bye infinity pool and horseback riding.  Hello to 4 days of home chores over Labor Day weekend.

I was envisioning the saddened faces of 6 family members if I had to tell them all plans were off.

Miraculously, I found something even better after 50 million hours spent searching. We were back in action with an even better house and double the price.  How awesome is that?  Yeah, right.  I booked it anyway to save family morale.

With the trip back on, we have started packing for our high desert adventure.  Warm days mean epic swimming, hiking and bike riding under gorgeous skies and breezes from towering pines.

Again, not so fast.

The weather report has informed me to expect thunderstorms our first day, freezing night temps and highs in the upper 50's for the next two.  The temp should then climb into the 70's but of course it's the day we are leaving.

I'm not going to argue.  I can adapt.  I'm more than happy to light the fire and pull out the pumpkin spice  2015 candle collection.  I'm happy with blankets, books, flannels and french toast for dinner. In fact, it sounds amazing.

Although maybe I shouldn't have bothered with all of this.  Once the kids heard that the home's WiFi service is  'intermittent' their enthusiasm waned and now feel sluggish about going.

Maybe one of these day I will learn and NOT book getaways, at least ones with kids.

Although I really think they are going to have an amazing time, especially when they discover they have to share a room with bunk beds.  Mwahahahaha...



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