Man, life has been weird lately.  I won't lie, I'm ready for a reprieve. 

Post surgery has been fun....

Lucky has a neat job in which he gets the best view of sunrises and sunsets.  This morning he saw the moon set, then turned around and got a shot of this beauty.  Pacific Northwest at it's finest. Hope of a new day.

Thank goodness for remote controls. And ice cream. And while this is a mug from Starbucks there is no coffee in it.  For shame....I've  been off SBUX for one week and life seems dimmer.

Let's just say my attempt at making my daughter an alien space ship skirt turned into a promo ad for condoms....

We lost this precious babe yesterday and I've been inconsolable ever since.  My heart grieves as she was so very special.  I'm rethinking the whole farm thing.

I'm taking hope in promises of good and trying to rest in peace because fear can be overwhelming and has the potential to leave one gasping for breath.  My pathology report came back today and unfortunately will require the advice of an oncologist due to some wayward cells that refuse to be tamed. I am scared but trust in my faith which is so much stronger and capable than myself.


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