Playing Hooky

Do you have ever those moments where you feel stuck?  

I do. 

Right now I'm battling probably one of the worst cases of writer's block ever.  Ideas and words are fleeting, lacking substance. Thoughts vanish before they fully materialize and I find myself frantically searching for the right words in order to convey what I mean to say.

I hate it.  

Perhaps because lately sorrow and grief have surrounded me.  From stories of illness to the tragic loss of life, saying goodbye to close family members and dealing with the gravity of serious health issues. It slows my thinking and my thoughts become muddled as I ponder the "Why" behind it all.

Because of this I feel a bit stuck.  So I did something I told myself I would never do again.  I went and saw a counselor.  Even though I maintained my "Been there, done that" mantra, sometimes it takes some professional insight to navigate through difficult waters and I'm finding it helpful during this period of life.

We have a game plan because this isn't meant to be a band aid.  These sessions are with a goal, to work through the angst and develop tools to assist me to moving forward in a healthful manner.

So today, the kids and I played hooky from life.  I called the kids out from school and told the office I was giving my kids a day off.

Today has been nothing short of lovely.  We are watching old Frank Sinatra movies, working on halloween costumes, making hot chocolate, baking cinnamon rolls and playing with baby chicks.

Every once in a while we need to just stop.  I forget that all too often.  Rarely, are we kind enough to ourselves to allow without the feeling of guilt creeping in.

Today I felt free for the first time in quite a while.  Free to embrace our present time together which will never be something I regret.

It's the best kind of therapy. 


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