Thursday, October 15, 2015

What I'm Into - October

Right now I'm loving the warm, buttery hues of Autumn color.  I'm enjoying looking up at the sky and watching the swirling leaves cascade to the ground.
The season is passing quickly but I'm trying to hold on to every moment of it.

I've been in a food prep frenzy much like a squirrel hiding nuts for winter.  I've stocked the freezer enough that it doesn't close properly so now I have to start using what I prepared before I really wanted to.
If that's the biggest concern I have, then my goodness...

Because I'm all about those chicks.....

Three eggs finally hatched and both mama and babies are great.  The third chick needed some intervention to get out of the shell and thanks to our dear chicken gurus, Lucky helped her out.  She's a little behind the others but doing well.

Seriously...I can't enough of these precious peeps.  I'm really not getting anything done because I keep hanging out with them.

Baking has been big as evidenced by the massive amount of cinnamon rolls I made.  What says fall better than cinnamon and yeast dough?

OK some apple tarts say it pretty well, too.

Oh and bread, how could I forget?

Since I'm having surgery in a few days I've been stocking up on reading material and movies to watch during my recovery.

I'm going to start the HBO mini series Olive Kittredge and then I'm going to jump into Homeland because I love Claire Danes all the way back from My So Called Life days AND she bought some of my dad's art, so yeah..

As far as books I'm pretty ensconced in "Judaism And The Emergence Of Historical Religion" but not by choice.  My religion class is requiring me to pronounce some really big words and ancient theology that frankly makes me thankful for just good ol' faith.

However some OTHER favorite books right now include, "The New Neighbor" by Leah Stewart. So good.

I'm about ready to delve into "Orphan #8 by Kim van Alkemade and "Just Mercy, A Story Of Justice And Redemption" by Brian Stevenson. 

I'm nervous about surgery but optimistic and certainly pray for good results from pathology.  I am anxious for this portion of life to be over so that I can move towards health and wholeness.

Enjoy these beautiful days of October!

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