The Significance of Insignificance.

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in the Instagram challenge called One Day (#onedayhh).
It was designed to capture the mundane routines of our lives and share them on Instagram.  While there was an irritating amount of posting on my end, I truly enjoyed it.  What I loved even more was looking at the photos others had shared.  No filters, no setting up of stylish vignettes, no cleaning houses before taking the photos, just real and untouched.  The way lives REALLY look like. Everything from the morning commute to daughter's ballet classes to bedtime rituals, I found it to be fascinating and strangely enough, I felt a sense of community with the folks that engaged in the challenge.

I discovered something unique.  All those moments we consider insignificant, really aren't.  They all hold meaning in their own way and I rarely embrace that concept.  I actually came away with a new respect for the ordinary because it all works to even out the big events.  I also discovered that I lived the day with more intention, despite loading and unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry,spilling jam down the front of my pants and purging my kid's messy bedrooms.

Mornings are really hard for me since having surgery. This was me after getting kids off to school and pouring that first cup coffee.  I'm pretty sure I haven't even put a bra on yet.  Priorities.  Coffee won.

I'm the worst at loading dishwashers and this is a prime example.  I've seen my husband come in after I've "loaded' it and completely rearrange it so everything fits. Again, just my morning routine...

Yes, I ate peanut butter straight out the jar just because I could.  And it looked good. So there you have it.

I admit, I didn't post a photo of the fridge BEFORE I had cleaned it.  Shame on me.

Part of my day includes writing and yesterday I worked on two upcoming articles.  Yes, I still use pen and paper to capture my notes.

And while I so called 'worked' I had spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.  Yes, it was from a jar.

Off to pick my kids up from school.  The school bus stops two blocks away but I still take them to school and pick them up.  Those small moments in the car sometimes prove to be the most profound in what they share with me so I figure it's worth it.

I'm our chicken's biggest fan and with that comes homemade treats like this chicken crack I made.  My girls have gotten to the point where they will peck me until I give them pets underneath their wings.  They also like their tummies rubbed.  Deep down they are canines.

These November evenings mean earlier sunsets. I love candles and while it's a tiny task, I feel it brings a sense of quiet and peace to the house.

Later in the evening it's tea time.  I'm in a true funk because I just finished the entire Breaking Bad series and I'm coming down off my high of the show.  This means I have to make tea and do weird things like read and pay bills.

An unusual weeknight treat.  No school today meant popcorn and movies last night.  For the record I absolutely hated Jurassic World.  I mean HATED it.  But, the popcorn and company made it palatable.

As I said, now that I'm mourning the demise of Walter White (spoiler alert) and the epic conclusion of Breaking Bad I have to go back being responsible.  I'm trying to read Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, Big Magic.  Who am I kidding?  Like I'm really gonna finish it?  I have fiction stashed underneath it as my back up.

Boring, right? I meant it when said 'mundane routines'. In spite of it, I experienced joy.  I discovered great significance in the insignificant.  Try saying that 10 times fast!


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